Budgie’s Journal # 74 – WIP Wednesday 7 – 30,000 words

I’m not going to talk about Blood Drive this week, although it’s still on its way for an October release. I’ll be doing the final edits in mid-September. Today, I’ll be talking about “I’m in Sci-fi Hell”.

I’m in Sci-fi Hell is the tale about Ray Samson, Century City detective, a surly, hard-boiled guy, living in a satiric world where just about anything could happen and usually does. He’s been facing androids, aliens, robots, mad scientists, super heroes, meteors, wizards, dinosaurs, amazons, and a slew of other threats. And I’m only just getting started.

I hit my first thirty thousand words of this story this week, and it will likely be released next year sometime. I have no idea how long this is going to end up. Every time I plan something, a wrench gets tossed in my main character’s plans. 

But I’m pretty impressed with his adventure so far in Ray’s sci-fi hell. I’m having a lot of fun with him and the world he’s grown to disain. I’ll keep going, mainly to see what happens to him next. It’s sci-fi satire after all, so anything is possible.

-Budgie Bigelow

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