Budgie’s Journal #70 – Thick Skin

This is something that bears repeating: If you’re going to be an author, especially an independent one: you need to have thick skin.

Yesterday, I came across a conversation on Twitter. It wasn’t much of a conversation, though. It was more of an indie author trolling and insulting someone who had given their book a one-star review on Amazon. The reviewer made the point that there was zero editing done, and it may have been been a decent story if the writer had an editor.

I stepped into action. I decided to settle this dispute by reading the offending book and giving it a fair rating. And I did just that. I gave it one star, citing that it does, in fact, need rigorous editing (among other things). Hell, the first sentence of the book contained punctuation abuse.

But my point I want to make now is about thin-skinned writers. You’re going to get people who don’t like your writing from time to time. You’ll even get people who will tear you apart just for the fun of trolling. If you can’t move on from this, you need to keep your work off the internet.

The offending piece of literature was a forty-five page erotica with a lousy plot, bad characters, dialogue with no tone, and had the feel of a porn made by junior high students (writing and directing, not starting).

My next point is to have a clue. A good friend of mine says a lot of the people who write and post their writing online shouldn’t. I like to be slightly more optimistic, but I see her point after reading and reviewing the “book” I read and reviewed last night.

In conclusion: you’re going to get bad reviews. It happens. Learn from what you’re told if advice is given. Example: get an editor if you treat grammar like a kindergartener treats play-doh, mixing up all the colors to make it all a pile of multi-textured shit. Otherwise, ignore and move on. If you can’t… I don’t know what else to tell you. Maybe you’re not ready for this.

Also, don’t have one person give all your books five stars and say they’re great when they’re clearly not. Most people can do that kind of math. I didn’t even need a calculator.

-Budgie Bigelow

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