Budgie’s Journal #67 – My 5,000 Word Weekend

OK… So I’m bragging a little. 

I took my daughter to the park on Saturday and Sunday for a few hours each day. We had nothing going on, my wife was due for her nap, and it was beautiful out. I took my iPad and keyboard, set it up at the picnic bench under the shade, let my daughter play with her friends, and wrote.

Saturday I finished off the writing of season 12 of Freedom Lane. Sunday I started a new WIP, and I shouldn’t have. I have Blood Drive, which still needs revisions and editing by mid-October. I also have two other books I’ve started: Ant-Head and Sci-fi Hell. So why the hell did I end up writing almost 5,000 words of a new book called The Whore Ghosts of the Admiral Inn?

I blame Vanessa. I asked her opinion on what I should work on, and she picked this one. Once she chose, I can’t not comply. That’s like messing with fate! Besides, I got way into it, even posting to my writing group about it and getting some volunteers from Twitter to have whore ghosts named after them. Even at night after my chores were done and my wife was meditating, I went back to the story and did some more. I even outlined some future scenes this morning.

I was a productive writer, and I enjoyed it. Hell, I think I needed it. There’s not much better then getting a bunch of words out to something worth writing. I hope this is the start to a very productive week. 

-Budgie Bigelow


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