Budgie’s Journal #62 – A Cautious Monday Morning

Happy Monday.

I don’t know if there’s any worse saying than that. It’s the sarcastic epitome of what I hate about my role in the corporate gears of America. It’s why I write, to break my mind from the tedium of the dull gray. It’s also why I picked up another hobby.

I’ve started reading the tarot for myself, and mostly just a daily card, which I forgot today. It’s not an exact science, but I’ve noticed patterns when they’re begging to be noticed. I’ve always been good at stuff like that. This weekend’s readings had a theme, and I would have to be blind to miss it.

I’ve basically been on the cusp of something great for some time now, but it’s always been just out of reach. As of now, I feel like I can grab that golden snitch if I can just stretch a little more. My readings from last week confirmed this, but the weekend brought a dire message. 

I have to be on the look out for back-stabbers or betrayers, and the road to being a successful writer is beset by them. From what I understand (and with a heaping pile of help from my talented wife) there will be a real chance at success, but there’s a major bump in that road waiting for me. I have to stay true to myself, this project, and those supporting it. That much is certain.

So I’m moving forward, cautiously. I have some new ideas, and I won’t stop creating. I’ll face whatever challenges lie ahead, and I’ll come up on top or I won’t. The worst possible thing I can do is nothing.

-Budgie Bigelow

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