Budgie’s Journal #60  – I Wrote a Tribute to Cheers

I’m late on the Cheers bandwagon here. I actually started binging it on Netflix to write a romantic comedy about a sitcom fan fiction writer, and Cheers happens to be his favorite. At the halfway point of binging the whole series, I decided to do my own little tribute, and it’ll be posted tonight.

I didn’t do a fan fiction of my own. I wrote an episode of Freedom Lane called “Salud”, where Tony is running Paulie’s Pizza for the night after binge watching a few hours of the aforementioned sitcom.

I didn’t steal anything directly. I more used their format, the bulk of their episodes taking place in the titular bar. I also added a heaping pile of sexual tension, wise-cracking regulars, and intersecting storylines. If you’ve seen Cheers, you’ll get.

But that’s all I’ll say for now. This will probably be up around seven tonight, eastern time. Don’t miss it.

-Budgie Bigelow

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