Budgie’s Journal #58 – A Piece of My Past, Revisited

There’s something about me you don’t know. You don’t know this because I never speak of it. Before I was a novelist, a short story writer, or a blogger, I wrote wrestling fiction.

Take note of the wording: not “wrestling fan fiction”, but “wrestling fiction”.

There were these things on the internet called “e-feds”. Hell, they probably still exist. The point was to create your own wrestler, and write out shoot interviews and do this with the others in the e-fed. At the end of the cycle, the e-fed managers, moderators, or whatever they call themselves write out the matches based on the interviews and posts.

I was both performer and match writer.

I had all but forgotten about my short-lived e-fed days, but they came flooding back to me as I was writing a Freedom Lane episode that’s full of hot wrestling action.

One of the greatest compliments as a writer I ever received was when one of the “performers” told me the match I wrote for him was the best one he had ever received. That’s pretty high praise. These guys take their e-feds seriously. Moreso maybe than fantasy football nuts. 

I wrote my own interviews and build-ups succinctly with the others, talking on instant messenger how we were going to take the story. I even ended up with a title belt for a shirt period of time before I killed off my wrestler, crushed to death by some falling electrical equipment.

Anyway, these not much else to say about this tiny fun fact about myself, so I’ll wrap it up here. Look for my return to wrestling writing in Freedom Lane – The Spectacular Helena, coming this fall during season 12.

-Budgie Bigelow

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