Budgie’s Journal #57 – WIP Wednesday 4, but on a Thursday: The Revenge of Freedom Lane

I enjoy longer than necessary titles…

Since last week’s WIP Wednesday post, I’ve stayed on the same course, working on Freedom Lane season 12 and readying season 11 for air. I’ve written two of the six episodes for next season, and they will not disappoint. The Bingo Hall Death Pool and The Thing About Chet are both solid episodes, and they shouldn’t be missed. Today, I’ll start the third episode: The Spectacular Helena.

But that’s not all.

I started outlining the six episodes I want to write for season 13 (that’s right… I never stop). The process to choose is difficult, because I have so many great episode ideas in my master outline. I’m probably not even halfway through it, and Blunt and I are adding more ideas all the time. Periodically, I go through this huge file and delete stale ideas, combine some of the smaller stories, and do some general upkeep. I did this yesterday, and I was surprised at what I still had in there, unwritten and untapped. 

So I’ll be rolling along in Freedom Lane mode a while longer. This week’s episode was The Ebonic Plague, which playfully looked at the issues New Haven had with ebonics in schools a few years back. Next week, I’ll air Salud, my Cheers tribute.

Hope you’ve been enjoying and will continue to enjoy.

Until next time… 

-Budgie Bigelow

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