Budgie’s Journal #56 – Playing the Trans Card to Cause a Distraction

I opened Twitter today to find something extraordinarily repugnant: our commander in chief, President Donald Trump, tweeted that the United States will no longer allow transgender people to serve in any capacity in the military, stating that victory cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruptions they cause.


Let me start by saying that this series of tweets (there were three of them) were too well-written to be from Trump himself. Stale covfefe jokes aside, his grammar is pretty bad. There also seems to be valid reasoning (I said “seems”) to this proclamation, which adds to the assumption that this was not written by President Trump.


But let me get into what I want to talk about here, or I’ll be blasting Trump all day (Lord knows I can do it, too).


Once again, trans people are being used to pull the wool over the country’s eyes. There is a lot of controversy around our president. Just to name the most popular subjects: his and his family’s collusion with Russia, the recent resignations / firings of his staffs, and let’s not forget this whole debate over the repeal of Obamacare. What better way to distract Americans than to put trans people in their crosshairs and let them debate this on their own.


This tactic is nothing new for politics, and I’m not giving Obama a pass on this one either. He fueled debates over gay marriage and trans bathroom use to cause disruptions as well, his distractions just happened to be on the left side of politics, the side that supports all issues of the LGBT, especially when it can be used to their advantage. George W started the gay marriage debate for the same purpose during his presidency as well. The main difference here is that Trump isn’t nearly as subtle as his predecessors were. Well, Bush wasn’t too subtle either, come to think of it. I guess subtly is better left to the democrats.


Let me pause the rant to say something else that’s on my mind. I have an undying admiration and respect for any trans person who’s willing to fight in the arm forces. It takes guts most of us don’t have to be willing to fight and die for a country where you’re shamed, beaten, killed, treated like a non-human, your very rights threatened to be taken from you like your some kind of monster, and all because you want to live on the outside how you are on the inside. 


But the insult continues as their continually used as fodder to distract us from the Corporate States of the Right taking healthcare coverage away from millions and whatever else they have up their sleeves. Trump and his cabinet don’t want you talking about healthcare any more. They want endless debates on whether or not trans people should be allowed to serve in the military. Trump made it clear this morning: talk about trans people, not how I’m raping this country dry.


I known the cartoons and memes are coming. I was going to describe what I expect to see here, but I don’t want to give anyone any ideas. I remember what I saw from people during the bathroom debates, and I don’t relish living through that again. Hell, I have to sit with my co-workers on my breaks and listen to them talk shit about trans people again, like they have any idea what they’re talking about. They just take in what their AM radio leftist mouth-pieces tell them to take, and they regurgitate it like it’s their own sentiment. Does anyone have freewill any more? Am I the only cynical mother fucker out there who can see the strings?


Let me end this by saying I do have people in my life who support the Republican Party, and I respect some of them too. I’d respect them a whole lot more if they would just give up this notion that everything that comes from the Trump-run White House is right. I’ve listened while they called Barrack Obama every racial slur in the book then get pissed when Trump is disrespected.


But what is Trump, anyway? He’s barely a human himself. In order to become president, he held true to every evil trope on which the Republican Party hangs its had. At some point in the process, he became what he’d been surround by his entire adult life: a yes man. Anything his cabinet or congress passes across his desk is signed, with gusto. We’d be better off with a real doll with Siri. 


In closing, don’t let yourself become dragged down and distracted by what’s going on. Support trans people and their right to service in our military if they choose, but don’t that completely derail the debate on healthcare. Don’t let them bury your head so you can’t see the truth on what they’re really doing.


Godspeed, America.



-Budgie Bigelow



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