Budgie’s Journal # 55 – Illuminate the Gray


I saw the bright sky through the gray clouds, near the horizon. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was only an electronic billboard, a man-made distraction, fueled by consumerism.


If I can float above the clouds, I’d see the sun again, a beacon of warmth, drying me to my soul. The City and all its eyesore would be a bitter memory, fading like an old scar. But the air would be too thin, and I’d suffocate before I could truly admire the splendor.


As a child, I prayed away the rain, begging it to come again another day. Nobody tells you the rain clouds return stronger, darker, all-encompassing at times. Sometimes it turns day to night, and all you can do is wait.

A break in the clouds.

The sun comes through, kissing the wet ground with its rays, and you think everything will improve. The puddles will dry and the skies will clear. But this moment is always fleeting, the gray clouds around this momentary sunshine a reminder that even the sun’s light is only temporary, fleeting.


Budgie Bigelow

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