Budgie’s Journal # 54 – Thoughts on a cool, wet Monday in late July

Sometimes venting and rambling is more therapeutic than you think, even to the one listening. 

Bad advice is better than no advice if you can recognize it for what it is. At least you’ll know what not to do.

Love isn’t easy for most of us. If you think it is; there’s something you’re missing. You may want to spend some time with yourself in a quiet space. Small problems turn into big problems if left unchecked.

Love is a balance. Because you have feelings for someone new, doesn’t mean your feelings for the one you have are diminished in any way. A wandering heart is a natural occurrence, and is by no means the end of what you have if you truly still want it. Explore and experiment with love every time you get the chance.

We all love differently. Love can’t be hoarded or doled out at will. Some people will love just one other, some will love no one, a few will love many times over their lives, and even fewer can love multiple times at once.

They way I am and the way I think isn’t easily explained to one who refuses to open their mind. My mindsets and relationships are my own. Others share my personal philosophy, and I won’t spend too much time explaining it to someone who refuses to understand, perverting who I am in the image of some fiend. I’m an open boom, but you have to be willing to read and accept what’s on the pages.

Be treated how you want to be treated. Don’t keep yourself in a situation because it’s what the norm dictates. The longer you stay in your rut, the harder it is to get out. Bad love is quicksand, and it’s hard to find a lifeline when you’re up to your shoulders in it.

Advice from me is rarely one-hundred percent sound. Take it at face value, not at all, or somewhere in between. Either choice won’t deter me from continuing to be a friend and advising you again in the future. 

These are all my views and mine alone, and they change with time. What may ring true today may lie flat in the future. I’ve been high. I’ve been low. All I can say for sure is that I’ve had my experience, and it may have made me wise, cynical, or both.

I can quote a song lyric here, but I won’t. Seems inappropriate somehow.

-Budgie Bigelow

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