Budgie’s Journal #53 – WIP Wednesday – Freedom Lane season 12 

It’s #WIP Wednesday again. The last few Wednesdays I’ve been talking about Blood Drive and my revisions to the second draft, but I’m going to mix it up this week, talking about Freedom Lane season 12.

Yes, season 11 is currently airing on my site every Tuesday, but I usually write the following season while the current season airs, keeping my mind in “FreeLa mode”. I neglected to start writing the next season, focused on the release of Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space and the second draft of Blood Drive. But now that I’ve noticed that season 11 is more than halfway done with no season 12 written, I’m going to shift my focus.

Episode one is pretty dark, focusing on a death pool Helen is running with the rest of the elderly crowd at her bingo hall. The rest of the season consists of pro wrestling, pubic trimming, pizzeria/mobster hijinx, elderly sex, and statutory relations. I might even toss in a Halloween special.

In other words: another great Freedom Lane season!

So that’s what I’ll be writing for the next couple of weeks before returning to Blood Drive. 

Keep on writing and reading!

Click here if you’ve never checked out Freedom Lane but really want to.

-Budgie Bigelow

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