Budgie’s Journal #52 – I’m a Funny Guy, I Guess

I’ve changed gears recently with what I’m writing in long form. My books and novellas, for the most part, have been dark fiction or horror, the Freedom Lane movies being the exception. But my next book, Blood Drive, will be a comedic action-adventure. I have three books planned for 2018, and all three are comedies.

So why the switch? How does something like this even happen? I used to have an opinion on writing comedy, and that opinion was that it was tough to make something in written form witty enough to elicit a laugh and entice readers.

I’m no stranger to writing comedy. I’ve been putting out Freedom Lane for over two years with eleven six-episode seasons so far. But that’s different. That’s always been modeled from my love of sitcoms, and making one into something in short story form was something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s almost like writing a fan fiction without the show actually being on the air, like a reverse fan fiction I guess. That, and they’re short, only around three-thousand words for a regular episode.

The second Freedom Lane movie, my latest release, Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space, ended up being novel-length, over forty-thousand words, when it was all edited and completed. That’s an amazing feat seeing as the original was only around eighteen-thousand and was more of a really long episode than a movie (but still great).

But enough about Freedom Lane… 

The aforementioned Blood Drive is the story of two vampires fresh off a heist, having stolen a van of freshly donated blood from a Red Cross blood drive. There’s heavy comedic elements, especially with the main characters’ personalities clashing, but there’s definitely a darker side to the story, throwing a few horror elements in with the action and buddy-comedy feel. I guess that’s why someone started calling me a dark humorist on social media.

Blood Drive is still in rough draft form, mostly. I’m still revising, adding, and editing. But I’ll get more into that tomorrow during WIP Wednesday (thanks, Ace).

And I’m not dwelling on the fact that the Sci-fi channel, or whatever they call themselves now, stole my title. I refuse to change it, and it’s better suited to my book than their show about cars that run on blood.

The next book I have planned is a romantic comedy about a fan fiction writer called Ant-Head: A Love Story. I’ve only done one other romantic comedy to date, and that was Desperately Seeking Shemale (available on Amazon). This book is full of real-life stories mixed in with the fiction. It’s still a work in progress with around five thousand words written, and I have a long way to go. I posted the prologue a month or so back, and some of you may remember it. I got some decent notes on it.

I’m in Sci-Fi Hell is my next comedic project about a hard-boiled Century City detective. I already have around seven-thousand words written. I kind of got in the zone to finish the first part of the story, taking place in a world where anything sci-fi can and does happen, mostly to the annoyance of my protagonist. I literally googled “overused sci-fi tropes” and tried to jam in as many as possible into my outline.

And will someone please remind me to post the prologue for feedback!

Lastly, I came up with an idea from my almost-trip to Canada called The Ghost Whores of The Admiral Inn, based on a story Jim Watts of Vagabond Saints about the amount of whores who have been murdered at the hotel where I was supposed to stay had I not been ejected at the border. This will be a very dark comedy. Since it’s still in the early outline stage, I won’t say much just yet.

That pretty much covers my unintentional move into writing comedy novels. Aside from Ant-Head, I plan on keeping it dark.


If you got this far into my ramblings, I figured I can let you know about my new group on Facebook called “Budgie’s Place” for independent writers. There’s a few spots left, so hit me up if you’re interested in joining.

-Budgie Bigelow, dark humorist


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