Budgie’s Journal #49 – Make America Kind Again

Most of you know I work for a living. I don’t make much off my self-publishing author career, so I never quit my day job. A lot of the time I’m driving about from job to job. Today, going form one site to the next, I came across a sign in someone’s yard that read: “Make America kind again”. There was some more writing under it, but I had gone by too fast to see anything other than the header. And now I’m writing this as I wait for the rain to let up so I can do some more work.

So I began to wonder as I drove. Can America really be kind again, or is it too late? Can our country embrace kindness once more? 

The other night, I was with someone defending the leader of our nation, President Donald Trump. I may dislike who he voted for, but I had to admire his tenacity to back up the commander in chief. When asked if he thought Trump’s tweeting was an embarrassment or “unpresidential like”, he simply asked: “What’s presidential anyway? Wasn’t Clinton getting blow jobs? Wasn’t Obama apologizing to every country in the world?”

As respectful as I can be for his admiration of our president and his side of the political spectrum, I disagree with just about everything he had to say. But I don’t want to focus on what he said. I want to focus on the sentiment behind it; the anger and hate on his face and in his words were more than apparent, and it’s this short conversation that sprang to mind when I saw that “make America kind again” sign. 

President Trump inspires hate, embodies it, but he isn’t completely at fault here. During the last election campaign, Hilary did her best to ignite and use hatred on her side of the political spectrum, succeeding to the point of accomplishing her goals short of winning the election. I’ve stated on this blog before that Trump being in office is mainly her fault, and nothing has changed my mind about that solid factoid.

I’ve also stated that I have no real point on the political spectrum on which to show my loyalties. I’m the swing voter, the undecided, the uneducated. Hell, I probably couldn’t have told you the difference between a Democrat and a Republican until a decade after I graduated high school. Politics weren’t discussed in my home growing up, and it’s not something that was taught in trade school. I may dislike Trump, the overgrown oompah-loompah he is, but I dislike Hilary as well. She ran a dirty campaign, helping Trump and the left plant the seeds of hate they so badly needed to run this country they way they are now.

But I need to get back on point here. We were talking about the lack of kindness in the United States of The Left.

Everywhere you look, people are fighting, arguing, bitching, moaning, protesting. I rarely have a day where I can be free of someone Trump-bashing or the right wingers going after some “snowflake” or whatever. It’s on social media (which rapidly became a cesspool of all this nonsense), it’s in families, it’s in the breakroom, it’s everywhere. Take your pick on what to hate. There’s no wrong answer. Nobody has room in their hearts for kindness when hate’s dominance is so overpowering and abundant.

But that’s where we are in American history; a country that was built on freedom, now supported by hate. Hell, we’re even hating specific news agencies, labeling them as “fake news” when we don’t like what they say, and they’re retaliating in the worse way possible, fueling the masses in their own way. Misinformation and information are powerful tools when wielded improperly.

I don’t know who made that sign, but I don’t have the heart to tell them it isn’t going to happen. Kindness may not be dead, but it’s ill, maybe terminally. No impeachment, election, revolution, or civil war is going to change that. Kindness is dwindling, little by little, piece by piece. Can it be fixed, cured? I don’t know, but I doubt it. The tentacles of hate are dragging kindness to the depths of our country’s black heart.

I guess at this point I would urge whoever took the time to read this to be kind to other human beings, but I know it isn’t going to happen that easily. The only person I can control is myself, but am I really enough to elicit any kind of change? Maybe I can reach someone, even one person, with this post and change their mind, making them aware of the hate they might be spewing or the kindness they can do, not with a huge act of heroism, but many little acts throughout the day.

Maybe if we all acted a little kinder to each other, despite or political differences, we might be able to make America kind again. Prove me wrong and do it. I would love that.

And remember: “divided we fall”. We’re divided by out shared hatred for one another, and I think that’s exactly where they want us.

Break the cycle.

-Budgie Bigelow


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