Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space – Prologue

Alright Freedom Lane fans! Here’s your first look at the new book “Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space”. The new book arrives on Amazon in just two days, but here’s your first peek at the prologue of the upcoming sequel.
Da’Quarius Masters sat in the cockpit of the space shuttle, switches and blinking lights in front of him, reflecting off the thick glass on the face of his spacesuit. His bald head and yellow glasses were magnified as if his head were in some kind of fishbowl. “Shit,” he said. “Da’ fuck any of dis shit mean?!”
His uncle Paulie buckled himself into the seat next to him. He was in his mid-sixties, so he grunted as he did so. His body wasn’t cut out for space travel, but he had no choice in the matter. It had been taken from him the moment they had left earth.
“I have no friggin’ idea,” Paulie replied. “Where’s Dapreet? He’s the one who’s good at figuring all this space nonsense out.”
They were in trouble, more trouble than they’d ever been in before. They were currently on a shuttle docked in a space station owned by billionaire president Donald Trump called TRUMP-1, and it was hurtling itself toward the moon with Paulie, Da’Quarius, and their entire group on it. Their only hope was to use the shuttle that had brought them there accidentally to fly themselves home.
“I got da’ joystick here,” Da’Quarius said, grasping a stick in front of him. “I should be able to steer with dis.”
Dapreet came running into the cockpit, strapping himself into a seat near the back. “I’m here,” he said. He was wearing a spacesuit like the others, ready for the trip home. “When you’re ready to push off, pull the lever with the red handle toward you. Use the… joystick in front of you to steer like you said. I’ll help you with the buttons and stuff. You shouldn’t need them unless there’s an emergency.”
“Roger,” Da’Quarius said, putting his hand on the lever. 
“Hey boss!” Tony, Paulie’s life-long best friend and employee, back when they were still on earth at Paulie’s Pizza on State Street in New Haven, Connecticut. His face appeared on a monitor in front of Paulie. His black hair and pointed nose obscured a bit by some static. They were able to hear him loud and clear at least. “We got a problem.”
“What is it?” Paulie asked. “I’m a little busy trying to help the kid pilot us back to earth if you didn’t get the bulletin!”

“There’s not enough room for everyone back here,” Tony replied.
“What do you mean?” Paulie asked. “It brought us all here with no problem, you friggin’ gagootz.”
Tony looked around before he made his next statement. He said it much softer this time. “It’s those Russian hookers, Paulie. They were already here when we showed up, remember?”

“Dammit,” Da’Quarius said. “I forgot ‘bout da’ hookers.”

“Leave them behind,” Paulie said, grimly. “We don’t have the room, and we don’t have time to sort it out.”

“Boss…” Tony said, a look of heartbreak on his face.

“Look,” Paulie continued, sighing. “I know it’s harsh, but it’s them or all of us. Besides… they’re hookers.”

“Right,” Tony said, a look of sadness on his face. “I’ll tell them it’s not crashing or something.”

“We about ready to go?” Roderick DePalma, from Da’Quarius’s camp asked, his face appearing on the monitor by Da’Quarius’s head. “I got the laser warmed up and ready.”

“Almost,” Da’Quarius said.

“I just want to say…” Roderick said, his normal harsh demeanor changing to something softer. “If I don’t make it back home, I mean… Fuck it. I’m gay!”
“We all know you like it in the doo-doo hole,” Da’Quarius said. 
“And we’re all getting home!” Paulie added.
“All set, boss!” Tony exclaimed, his face coming back into Paulie’s screen. “I told those whores that the space station isn’t crashing. I didn’t cry.”
“There will be time for tears later,” Paulie said. “Get everyone strapped in. Ready to take us home, kid?”
There was a lurch as the space station turned and continued its collision course with the moon.
“Fuckin’ right I am,” Da’Quarius said, shifting in his seat. He pressed a button on his own monitor, letting his image fill every communication screen in the shuttle and his voice be heard by everyone on board.

“Dis yo’ captain speakin’, mo’ fuckers,” he said. “We in fo’ a bumpy-ass ride, so buckle da’k up!”
Read the entire book on July 6th, available on for Kindle of Kindle app.

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