Budgie’s Journal #44 – Karmic Injustice

I wanted to journal this morning, probably about Freedom Lane, the upcoming book, the new trailer, my second draft of Blood Drive, etcetera. Instead, I feel a need to express myself about situation that arose this morning.

I was accused of messing up my karma. I was asked, as it happens from time to time on social media, for money. Not a huge amount, mind you, but still a small loan, one which would likely never be paid back, one that would likely result in more requests in the future. I have a personal policy on giving money away: I don’t. I will, however, donate to a decent cause, give my friends’ businesses my business, or support independent artists and sellers, but I do not simply give money away to someone I barely know.

When this happened, I was told I had “messed up” my karma. I was also told to “get right with God” and that I need to “re-evaluate my life”.

Now I felt the need to defend myself, though I didn’t to this person. Why should I continue a conversation where someone is judging my karma and telling me not to judge them on their situation by denying their request? 

I am a believer in karma. I help people when I can, I donate blood and organs (I will do the latter after I die anyway), and I’ve put our two collections to help a terminally ill woman and the daughter she left behind (happy birthday, Jo). I know being prideful of one’s actions is considered a sin, but being a judgemental, hypocritical shrew must be as well… right?

But I’ll see where the day goes and whether or not karma will bring luck or woe. Maybe I can help an old lady cross the street or pull a scared kitten from a tree and right my karma.

What do you think? Did I mess up here?

-Budgie Bigelow

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