Budgie’s Journal #38 – Morning Meeting

My morning meeting is about to begin. It’s not a typical “state of affairs” thing like we’re used to. We’re going to hear about how much we suck. I’ve already seen the PowerPoint. We suck.

But this isn’t my passion. It’s a way to pay the bills. But my passion is a hobby, and my hobby is part time, making my tedium full time, sapping the creativity from my bones like some corporate succubus in its casual Friday polo shirt.

I, despite having to hear about how much I suck, am good at what I do here, despite finding the tedious tasks of my daily eight hour regime soul-crushing at times.

Today, more than ever with our “you people suck” mid-morning meeting looming over our heads, I feel a powerful need to work on something else. Freedom Lane, I’m in Sci-fi Hell, Ant-Head, Blood Drive, Dusk volume 2… anything!

But that’s not in the cards. My reality today is reality in all its micromanaged glory. So I’ll using all my will power to keep my eyes open and focus on why we suck and how we can strive to not suck as bad in the future.

But I’m paid by the hour, so I’ll just let my mind wander…

-Budgie Bigelow

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