Budgie’s Journal #37 – Another Ten Thousand Words

Earlier today, I hit my first ten thousand words in a book titled “I’m in Sci-fi Hell”, named after the prompt I posted of that quote. I know… I’m supposed to be editing, not starting new books. But I have a valid excuse.

This idea hit me hard, and I’ve obsessed with it. I started with the prologue to post on my site (which I haven’t yet), but then the world and story of grizzled detective Ray Sansom of the Century City police department unfolded.

Samson’s world is a menagerie of sci-fi tropes and themes. I basically threw in everything that would fit and then some. Samson is the odd man out, longing for a life that was never his, outside his sci-fi hell.

But I’m celebrating my ten thousand. This stories intriguing the hell out of me. Aliens, wizards, robots, androids, dinosaurs, time travel. I’m mashing it all up!

I know I said the same thing when I got the idea for Ant-Head (which hit me in the same fashion and is at six thousand words). I guess I’ll be putting out some comedy next year… 

But I’ll keep working. Another ten thousand is right around the corner.

-Budgie Bigelow

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