Budgie’s Journal #36 – Three Years Later

That’s right. It’s the three year anniversary of my first book’s release. Well, it’s been three years and one day, but please don’t hold it against me.

Askharoth was released on Amazon on June 13th, 2014. It was the first story I decided to write to it’s end, and it ended up being my first self-published novel.

I didn’t start this whole author thing until I was thirty-three. I had written when I was younger, but I was encouraged to drop it and focus on a more obtainable career path. I wanted to write and draw comic books, but that dream was apparently too unattainable.

So I stayed in school, did more schooling, got a job, got a better job, got an even better job, got married, had a kid, etcetera. That’s life in the enlightened path I guess.

Then an idea hit me for a story while having an innocent conversation about what demonic presence was pulling the strings behind the tale of Cinderella. It was an idea I couldn’t ignore, and I wrote it because I wanted to know the full story. That demon became the titular character of Askharoth.

The book came with mixed reviews, mostly positive. I may have been s little too excited, adding the prelude (I didn’t know ebook fans dislike them). But it was a good experience, and I’m proud off what I accomplished.

I’ve published six more books since then with more planned for this year and 2018, but Askharoth was my first, and it will always have that honor.

Heres a link to the book:

Askharoth on Amazon.com

-Budgie Bigelow


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