Budgie’s Journal #35 – My Unflattering Return to Social Media

I’m back… Somewhat.

So I decided to step back into the dim light of social media. I’ve been peeking into Facebook for the last few weeks, and I’ve logged back into Twitter.

But I’ve decided to limit myself. I left social media (Twitter especially) for specific reasons I won’t list here. After looking at the timeline once or twice, I decided on some ground rules.

I shall only tweet about writing, books, and authors. I shall not scroll/refresh the timeline repeatedly. I shall not reply to a tweet unless it’s specifically about writing. I shall mute and block with an iron fist. I shall limit myself to no more than five tweets per day. 

I think that’s the only way I can return without becoming disgusted with the human race like when I left. I don’t need the drama some people thrive on, I’m no longer interested in trolls or trolling, and I’m definitely done with the cliques.

That being said, follow me if you’re on there and don’t already: @BudgieBigelow.

-Budgie Bigelow

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