Budgie’s Journal #33 – Sci-fi Villainy

So I started another story. I know… I’m supposed to be editing my various Freedom Lane stuff, Blood Drive, and Dusk Vol 2. But I couldn’t help it. An idea struck me so suddenly that I had to at least get the beginning of it on paper (digitally).

This is, of course, a comedy called “I’m in Sci-fi Hell”. I have a nice prologue and first chapter written, but I only have a rough idea on where to go from there.

For starters: I need a villain, someone who clashes with disillusioned detective Ray Sansom, who longs for the days that were never his, days before aliens lived in our cities, robots and Androids roamed the streets, and criminals dealt in everything from magical potions to dimensions hopping.

I may end up posting some of what I’ve done for some reactions… Comment on this if you agree.


I only have a vague idea of a plot and bits and pieces of scenes and gags I want to use. Once I know who or what to make the antagonist, I can really get moving on this one. Then again, I have similar issues with Ant-Head, a romantic comedy that I couldn’t help but start (also posted somewhere on my site).

But if my main character hates all the weirdos living in his city, it would make sense giving him a ridiculous villain and an equally ridiculous plot. I already have ideas for him, visiting various places in his fucked up world (magic forests, dunasaur islands, space ports, New Jersey), being as surly and pissed off as ever.

But I’ll think it over… Something will come to me. I’ll likely release the full story along with Ant-Head sometime in early 2018…

That’s all for now. I’ll pop in later.

-Budgie Bigelow


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