Budgie’s Journal #32 – Screw Editing. I Want to Write a Short Story

Editing woes… Who needs them?

Wait… I do. 

I’m ankle deep in what I’m calling the Summer of Editing. My next two books are with beta readers, and I have Dusk vol. 2, a collection of short stories, ready to be molded into its second draft.

But instead of editing Dusk or asking my beta readers how they’re doing, I find myself going over notes for short stories or novellas that aren’t written. I guess I’ve had too many ignored ideas and not enough time to write them all. I probably have enough fodder for Dusk vol 3 and maybe even start on vol 4.

For example, I have a story, likely a novella, about a pot dealer in the projects who is harassed and toyed with by a predatory demoness. I had this idea while working in the projects where the story would take place, and the City of New Haven has demolished them to make way for duplexes. The story isn’t as juicy around fancy-looking duplexes!

But starting something new, unless it’s a very short story, is detrimental to my writing. I promised myself to have these books edited and ready for their releases.

Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space – July

Blood Drive – October

Dusk vol 2 – December

There’s also the upcoming Freedom Lane season 11 that’s written and thus far not edited. I wanted this to start sometime in June… So I know what I should be editing now. 

So it’s back to editing for me. I have dates to hit, people. I’ll put off the majority of the writing of new material until the fall. Maybe then I’ll know what I want to put out in 2018.

-Budgie Bigelow

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