Budgie’s Journal #29 – A Short Excerpt

I was editing, and I rewrote a bit of dialogue in the first scene, soon after Doctor Richard Alston meets his gracious host, Daimonas, and the two share a bit of scotch. I decided to share my addition to this scene.

From “Dinner with a Demon”:


“This has a great finish to it,” I said, setting the glass back on the table.

“I am glad you are enjoying it,” Daimonas said, smiling.

“What brand of scotch is this?” I asked.

“Why?” Daimonas asked in return, his smile twitching, showing a playfulness that seemed alien to him. “Do you want to buy a bottle?”

“I somehow don’t think I can afford it on a doctor’s salary,” I replied.

Daimonas put his head back and laughed heartedly at this, his laughter deep and dark and somehow as overpowering as his appearance. The combination of the dim lighting, my host’s appearance, and that laugh made me uneasy. I almost wished I hadn’t made the joke.


-Budgie Bigelow

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