Budgie’s Journal #27 – Thoughts on a Miserable Tuesday Morning

It was a long weekend. “Long” doesn’t come close to describe it. Sure, there was the sweet labor of working in my yard and a Memorial Day game of whiffle ball with the kids, but something feels off today. So I just decided to share a few worthless nuggets of wisdom.

Don’t let anyone shit on your parade, especially those you love.

Don’t be afraid of sound advice, even if it comes from a source you don’t like.

Don’t turn loved ones into enemies. It’s easier to do than you think.

Someone “sticking their nose in your business” may only be trying to help.

And finally, and most importantly: no matter how late you are for work on a Tuesday after a three day weekend: do not forget to put on deodorant.

Budgie Bigelow

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