Budgie’s Journal #26 – The Summer of Editing Begins

For most people, summer begins on Memorial Day. For me, this summer means a whole lot of editing for yours truly. I’ve done a ton of writing, and it’s time to push these projects into their second drafts.

I have a novella, a novel, and a short story completed, and it’s high time I start revising and editing, not an easy or short process. There’s no shortcuts in this long and arduous process. 

So I’ll be spending my summer revising my first drafts, editing my errors, and putting three books together when I’m not doing yard work or whatever else is keeping me busy. It’ll be a long and hit one!
-Budgie Bigelow


  • Good luck! Sometimes I find myself itching to get to the editing part- idk maybe i think il feel like I’m actually getting some where, but i know writing, shockingly, is the easy part!

    • Dashing to get the draft done is always the easy part. Revising and editing is too slow for fast paced people like you and I.

      • Agreed!
        Tis nice, sometimes though, to go back to the start of your book and to reread it – especially if enough time has passed that it surprises you! Had a glorious moment rereading something I didn’t remember writer and was just like DAYUM GUUURL you wrote dat???

      • Haha. Same. I like to let them sit for a month or more before revising. I need time to forget what I wrote.

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