Budgie’s Journal #25 – The Child Molesting Robot; a rant

This is in reference to the SNL skit featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and outrage against him due to the sketch “The Child Molesting Robot”.

Give it a rest, people. I understand you’re upset, but why blame The Rock? He didn’t actually build a robot that was capable of molesting children. Hell, he more than likely didn’t write it either. All he’s guilty of is using poor judgement with dark humor.

It wasn’t even that funny of a sketch. Sure, the “shock humor” was through the roof, but it fell short on material, deteriorating into an insult on White Castle.

And I understand that child molestation is an epidemic in this country. I know how awful it can be. If I could round up anyone who has touched a child and launch them into the sun, I would. 

But I digress.

This was a take on scientific super villains, and how they’re plans are wacky and not inherently evil. So “Roy” kicked it up a notch. I got the joke. I know it doesn’t mean The Rock molests kids (probably), and not being outaged doesn’t mean I support them either.

As someone who enjoys and works with dark humor, I’m surprised so few people get it. Child molestation is an evil, an all too real one at that. If we can take anything away from this it’s that evil is real, and it’s not shrink rays or freeze guns. Seeing as the other “evil” scientists are all in crazy garb and The Rock is wearing normal, non-threatening clothes should tip you off to the real point I’m trying to make here. Maybe this skit was deeper than you think. Or maybe I’m just a cynical asshole. Or both.

Look, if this joke was on Family Guy, a prime time cartoon, it wouldn’t even be an issue. This even seemed Family Guy-esque, right down to the “White Castle: we serve anybody” punchline in the finale of the sketch.

So please. Save your outrage for something worth being outraged against. Leave The Rock alone to make some mediocre movies and occasionally a good one.

Good night, and God bless.

Budgie Bigelow


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