Budgie’s Journal #23 – The Epilogue to the Epilogue to Blood Drive

As I sit here and my family sleeps, I am finally finished with my first draft of Blood Drive; the tale of two vampires bringing a van full of stolen blood from Connecticut to California, their werewolf companion, and the priest who is hunting them.


Outside my work, there are signs for our annual blood drive posted, hosted by the Red Cross. It’s funny, because the blood drive last year is where I got the idea for this story. Sitting on the cot, giving up my O-Positive, and thinking about what would happen if it was all stolen by vampires.


Nearly a year later, I know how it would have turned out.


These characters have been with me for almost that whole year. It’s a little tough ending their tale and their little week-long adventure across America. But it’s not goodbye. I still have the other drafts to work on, and then I’ll get to share that adventure with everyone.


I put this draft down for a few months and picked it back up recently, having it on my list of unfinished works that need to get out there. I finished Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space (due out in June or July), and now this is done. Another bittersweet conclusion… I have another unfinished draft and something I started by accident (Ant-Head). I’m honestly not sure what I’ll work on next. Or maybe I’ll go into full editing mode and finally get the stories ready for Dusk Vol. 2.


But I’ll put off that decision until tomorrow. I’m tired. I just wrote a friggin’ book after all…


Good night.



-Budgie Bigelow






I just found out I can make my iPad make typewriter sounds while I type, and it’s made my night.

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