Blood Drive Interview 4 – Father Matthew McAllen

“Hello and welcome to my final interview of the characters of my upcoming book ‘Blood Drive’,” Budgie says, once again sitting in his studio seat. “I’m joined by Father Matthew McAllen, a vampire-hunting priest.”

“It is an honor to be here,” Father Matthew says. He is wearing his priest outfit, his dark hair combed neatly.

“You have an interesting job,” Budgie says. “You work as a priest, but you also hunt vampires and werewolves as an agent of the Vatican. How did you come into such a job?”

“The Lord works in mysterious ways,” Father Matthew says. “I always had an aptitude toward guns and fighting, but I knew from when I was a boy that I wanted to be a man of God. My mentor saw this skill in me and put me into the program that would mold me into the man I am today, doing God’s will and spreading His word.”

“In Blood Drive, you’re tasked with hunting down the vampires and retrieving their van of stolen blood,” Budgie says. “How do you go about your mission?”

“The path was set out before me,” Father Matthew said. “Like all paths, one must choose to walk it. The Lord guides my body as he guides my gun as I walk the path bathed in His light, the one I have chosen for myself. The task or mission, as you put it, will end how He wills it to end. I am only a conduit of his grace, mercy, and vengeance.”

“But how do you go about tracking the two vampires and their blood,” Budgie asks, “specifically in Blood Drive.”

Father Matthew takes in a breath, thinking of his answer. “There are those who stalk in the darkness, feeding off humans, God’s children. I took my position to rid the world of as much evil as I possibly can. If it’s the will of the Vatican for me to track down a van of stolen blood, then it is the will of my Lord as well.”

“But following the van,” Budgie says. “Christian and Evan are transporting a van of stolen blood from Connecticut to Los Angeles. Tell me a little about how the trip and your pursuit.

“The path I chose is wrought with obstacles,” Father Matthew says, “but I will survive if it’s His will. If I lose my life while in pursuit of those responsible for the blood theft; then that is also His will, and I will live forever in His kingdom when it is done. That being said, dying is not part of my plan. If you were to test me, you would find that I am very hard to kill.”

“I guess that will have to do,” Budgie says. “But there was some question about your sexuality and how that plays into your role as a priest.”

Father Matthew sighs. “I have had many mentors over the years, being sent from church to church to fulfill my duties as an agent of the Vatican. The thing that remains most constant is the content for one’s sexuality. I have read the Bible, closer than most, and I can tell you that homosexuality is not looked upon as a sin. The homophobic King James would tell you otherwise, but who I am attracted to is not a sin, especially when I have upheld my vow of celibacy during my entire tenure as a man of God. It is an insult anyone would think this would negatively effect my ability as a priest and and agent of the Vatican.”

“Sorry for bringing it up,” Budgie says. “I didn’t mean to insult you.”

“Tell me,” Father Matthew says, “when was the last time you took part in the sacrament of confession?”

“That about wraps this last interview up,” Budgie says. “Thank you for reading all of my interviews, and I hope you are all looking forward to ‘Blood Drive’, this fall from Budgie Bigelow publishing.”

“You did not answer me,” Father Matthew says. “You can confess your sins to me now if you’d like, and I can absolve you of them.”

“Good night everyone!” Budgie exclaims.

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