Blood Drive Interview 2: Evan

“Welcome back,” Budgie says, addressing you, his audience. “I’m here with another star form the upcoming novel ‘Blood Drive’: Evan. How are you?”

“I’m great!” Evan says, smiling widely. He pushes his shoulder-length blonde hair away from the front of his head. “It’s great to be here. I never thought I’d be the star of a book, let alone be interviewed for it.”

“Well thank you for agreeing to the interview,” Budgie says, returning the vampire’s smile.

“But call me ‘Sparrow’,” Evan says.

“Okay,” Budgie replies, “Sparrow.”

“Have you ever seen Interview with the Vampire?” Evan asks. “I love that movie. I’ve seen it probably ten times or more.”

“I’ve read the book,” Budgie replies. “How do you feel about being a character of your own.”

“That was a book too?” Evan asks.

“You’re one of two main vampires in ‘Blood Drive’,” Budgie continues, “along with a werewolf and a vampire-hunting priest. How did you feel about your cross-country journey with the others?”

“It was a lot of fun!” Evan says, excited. “Christian comes off as a hard-ass, but I know he’s a puppy dog on the inside. Bart is harsh too, but I’m sure deep down he’s also a pup… Wait. What’s a baby wolf?”

“I think they’re called puppies,” Budgie replies.

“That makes sense,” Evan says. “But Christian and Bart can’t both be puppies on the inside… Maybe deep down Christian is a baby bat. Do you know what baby bats are called by chance?”

“I have no idea,” Budgie says.

“Huh,” Christian muses. He reaches in his pocket and takes out his cell phone and starts tapping away at the screen.

“Back to Blood Drive,” Budgie continues. “So you’re transporting this van of stolen donor blood -”

“Oh shit,” Evan interrupts, still looking at his phone screen. “Baby bats are called ‘pups’. I swear that’s true. You cant make this stuff up!”

Blood Drive,” Budgie repeats. “In it, you’re driving cross-country with your partner, Christian -”

“Did he tell you how he’s from Transylvania?” Evan asks.

“He actually didn’t say much at all,” Budgie admits. “Is he really?”

“No,” Evan sighs. “He’s from Romania, but not anywhere near Transylvania. At least it’s more interesting than where I’m from: North Carolina.”

“We’re just about out of time,” Budgie says. “Is there anything else you want to say about Blood Drive?”

“Not really,” Evan says. “I think we just about covered it all.”

“Okay,” Budgie said. “Thanks for joining us. Again, the book is called ‘Blood Drive’, and it’s out this fall.”


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