Blood Drive Interview 1: Christian

“Good evening, Budgie fans,” Budgie Bigelow says, sitting across from the vampire in his studio chair. “Tonight, I’ll be interviewing one of the characters from the upcoming book, ‘Blood Drive’. How are you today, Christian?”

“I find the day pleasant enough,” Christian replies, giving only a slight nod. He’s wearing a suit of dark gray with a red tie, his dark hair tied back in a ponytail. “Although, the day is not my time.”

Budgie observes his subject. “You’re one of the characters in Blood Drive, which has nearly reached its climax in its first draft. How do you feel about being apart of this action-comedy novel?”

“It was an experience,” Christian replies.

“Do you care to elaborate?” Budgie asks.

“I do not,” Christian says.

“So in Blood Drive,” Budgie continues, “you’re on a cross-country road trip with a van of stolen blood along with your partner, a fellow vampire named Evan, and a werewolf. That must have been a fun drive.”

“Fun is not the word,” Christian says, his expression unchanging. “I would say ‘necessary’.”

Budgie sighed. “But it was a fun trip, wasn’t it?”

“I do not like repeating myself,” Christian says.

“How did you feel about your partners in crime?” Budgie asks. “And Father Matthew, the priest who dogged your every move.”

It was Christian’s turn to sigh. “Evan was nearly unbearable, Bart was definitely unbearable, and Father Matthew was as pesky as a tick on a dog’s backside.”

“Is there anything else you’d like to say about Blood Drive?” Budgie asks.

“No,” Christian replies. “It’s your book.”

“Alright then,” Budgie says. “Thanks for stopping by and talking.”

“No problem,” Christian said, getting up. “Enjoy your life.”

“Wow,” Budgie says, rubbing the back of his neck as Christian leaves. “That guy doesn’t do dialogue I guess.”

Stay tuned for our next interviewee: Evan.


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