Budgie’s Journal # 18 – Focus 

…or lack thereof.

This post is in honor of attention deficit.

I started a project some time ago, a book called Blood Drive. I quit social media partly due to the distractions to complete my uncompleted projects. So why is it that when I’m at the climax of Blood Drive, what I’ve been building to for forty thousand words, do I get struck with such an awesome idea that I can’t ignore?

I’m speaking of course about Ant-Head: A Love Story. I wrote the prologue and posted it to my site, stating it was a prologue to nothing. Well, I just wrote a two thousand word first chapter and did a few hundred words of a second. Meanwhile, Blood Drive is waiting for me to commence climaxing and concluding.

This can be seen as a good thing, as pointed out by my good friend TC. Quitting Twitter and Facebook has really gotten my mind moving into territories that weren’t even on my radar. Blood Drive turned from a novella to a full novel, and Ant-Head was born from nothing more than me setting out any poison.

So my focus / lack of… Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Leave a comment or something.

Budgie Bigelow

P.S. That Ant-Head prologue is now on my main page under the “Newest Stories” heading. Enjoy!

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