Budgie’s Journal #17 – Two Years of Freedom Lane!

I logged onto Facebook for the first time in a while today to hook up with a friend, and I saw through the memory function that today marks the two year anniversary of the pilot of Freedom Lane! 

Let me fill you in. I’ve gained a few followers here in the last month or so. 

Freedom Lane is a sitcom set in New Haven, focusing on the lives of elderly Rose and Helen Masters, their adopted teenage son Da’Quarius, and pizzeria owner Paulie, Helen’s baby brother. With a while cast of neighbors and characters, Freedom Lane shines as a sitcom written in short story form and posted on a blog site.

BluntSharpness and I started this project over two years ago, outlining and writing and clunking ideas off each other. I’ve never been more proud of anything, and Blunt is a pure comedic genius. The project wouldn’t have been half as good without him.

With ten seasons and a movie out there, it’s hard to miss. If you’ve never checked it out, I enjoy courage you to do so. Season even and a second movie are in the works, so there will be no shortage of Freedom Lane!

This is the baby I birthed with Blunt. Our big, obese baby. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as must as I’ve enjoyed making it.

You can find it on http://www.BudgieBigelow.com/Freedom-lane

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