A Legitimate Budgie Update

Hello again, Budgie fans. I know I’ve been vague lately with my updates. I really hope you’ve been enjoying my random spattering of journaling, but I figured it was time to give you guys a real update on what’s going on with me now that I’ve peeled myself away from social media.


I’m still writing, obviously. I finished the first draft of Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space along with the six episodes that will comprise season eleven. Once they go through the beta-reading stage and editing, I’ll have a better idea on when the book will be published and the season will air.


Let me say this about what’s coming on the Freedom Lane front: I’m very excited. I recently had Siri read the complete movie to me, and I think it came out better than expected. This will be a treat for both old and new fans of Freedom Lane.


Click here for Freedom Lane!


Since I finished my Freedom Lane work, I’ve been finishing up the first draft of my vampiric action-comedy, Blood Drive. I expected to be done sooner, but I also expected this book to hit 30,000 words and be a novella. As it stands, I’m currently somewhere around 42,000 words and still going. I still have the final chapters to write, and I need to go back and add at least two chapters that popped in my head while writing. This will end up being a full novel by the time it’s done, and I couldn’t be happier with that. Only time will tell how its’s received.


After Blood Drive, I’ll delve back into my Desperately Seeking Shemale sequel, The Secret of my Shemale Success. This isn’t so much a sequel as a follow up. It has very little in common with its predecessor, being darker. I guess you’d call it a dark romantic comedy. I wouldn’t know how else to describe it.


Click here to view Despeately Seeking Shemale on Amazon!


Dusk Vol. 2, my next collection of short fiction, is also a huge possibility for later this year. All but one of the stories are done, and I only need to edit and put them in order. It’s probably my most publishable work I have right now, not being in first draft status like the rest. If I get into editing mode I may just tackle this monster.


Click here to view Dusk, Vol. 1 on Amazon!

Click here for more ebooks by Budgie Bigelow!


I’ve been asked a few times about my absence from social media and when I plan on returning, but my answer is still the same: I don’t know. I’ll admit to peeking in on Twitter just once, and it seemed like nothing had changed since the day I left. I don’t have any immediate plans on returning, but only time will tell if I change my mind. I’m still updating my Instagram periodically, but that’s the extend of it unless you count my journal entry posts. I’ll likely return to Facebook either during the summer or near its end. My return to Twitter is still questionable at best.


So that’s about all I have for this update. Good things are coming, my mind is slowly easing, and I’m starting to see the light for what it is.  Keep on reading, and I’ll keep on writing.


-Budgie Bigelow




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