Budgie’s Journal #15 – Writing Action-comedy

Okay. I’m here after a few busy days with softball and dance classes and whatever else (all not my own hobbies). I did take a few hours to go to the movies and see Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 yesterday, and it brought some things to mind.

**no spoilers**

The balance between comedy and action was on point, on par with the first one from 2014. But it didn’t take away from the action. There was still everything else that makes these movies great.

Then I thought about my latest work, Blood Drive, which is still projected for the fall. I envisioned this as an action-comedy too, making my readers laugh and giving them a thrill or two. 

But this balancing act is tough. Too much comedy and it comes off as silly. Not enough and the jokes seem out of place. And vice versa… 

I’ve written comedy before, and I’ve written action. But never have I melded them together. I also think a comedy book is harder than a movie. At least a movie can have visual jokes and quick one-liners. They’re harder to put in a piece of writing unless you can keep the quick pace of the joke and punchline. Too much set up and you’ve made a joke boring.

But I think I’ve rambled enough. I have some good humor and awesome action scenes, and I’m only in the first draft stage. I’m sitcom writing, the second draft is where you add your jokes and snaps. I’ll be exercising the same practice with Blood Drive.

-Budgie Bigelow

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