Budgie’s Journal #10 – Menial Work

Menial —adjective

lowly and sometimes degrading: menial work.


Today marked my annual beginning to the spring / summer season. I got the lawnmower out of the shed (and it miraculously started working on the first try), and I cooked dinner on the grill. Ah yes, that weekend ritual has begun anew, giving me the opportunity to spend my “free” time doing menial tasks.

But I like them, and I’m going to tell you why.

While my body is busy with the menial tasks of yard work, my mind is free. I sort of go into copilot mode, my body knowing what to do through muscle memory and the hundreds of practice runs. I come up with my best ideas this way, outlining episodes of Freedom Lane or coming up with something to add to whatever book I’m working on. 

The only problem is maintaining that information. I can usually remember enough to satisfy me, but there’s too much to bring back inside and write down. So much information has been lost into the abyss of my busy mind, other ideas popping in and shoving them aside. Who knows what’s been lost to that darkness?

But I enjoy the work: the mowing, the weeding, the hedge trimming, the whatever. Bring it on.

-Budgie Bigelow


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