Budgie’s Journal #8 – Badass

I just wrote something so badass I think I need to brag a bit. I’d love to reveal what it was, but it’s about 75% into a book that’s not due out until the fall; a book called Blood Drive.

This story is really moving along, full of action, dark comedy, and drama. I’m taking back vampires from those who think they should sparkle.

My priest character is really stealing the show too. I’m enjoying writing for the unconventional vampire-hunting man of the cloth. He’s really standing out amid all this chaos I’ve created.

But let’s not forget the wildcard: a sociopathic hick werewolf named Bart.

Oh shit, this is coming together nicely. I can’t wait it share more of it! But that’s all for now.

-Budgie Bigelow, 4/28/17

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