Budgie’s Journal #7 – Google Earth is my co-writer

I’m still working on that cross-country vampire tale I’ve been talking about. In a perfect world, I’d make the same drive my characters make, absorbing the scenery and taking in the aura of the cities and states. 

Instead, I’m trapped in New Haven, unable to make the long drive from point A to point B. So I’ve enlisted Google Earth for help, giving me time tables, land marks, images of scenery, etcetera.

Is it as good? No, but it’s probably the next best thing. I have a clear vision of the ride, the individual characters’ points of origin, the obstacles, and where certain plot twists happen.

The book will be story driven, but the location of events is important. If I want to stay on my outline and keep the vampire’s quest to transport the stolen blood to Los Angeles on point, then I’ll need to know where on the map each event takes place and when they can move unencumbered.

So I guess this journal entry is about staying on your outline’s schedule if your story is both time and location based. This is the first time I’ve written a travel piece, and I’m enjoying it immensely at the moment. I hope my readers enjoy it too.

Oh, and my antagonist is going to need to have some tracking and navigation skill as well. Let’s not forget about that guy…

“Blood Drive” is scheduled for release this fall.
-Budgie Bigelow, 4/26/17


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