Happy Birthday

You are the start of every day.

You are my torch in the dark, my understanding in the confusion, my path through the wastelands.

You are the witch in my life, my purveyor of magic, my spell caster, my vision in the night.

You made me what I am: a man, a husband, a father. I owe that all to you; a debt that can never be repaid in full, but I am willing to try.

I remember everything about you when you’re not around: your touch, your scent, your beauty, the sound of your breath, your taste. My senses long for you when you’re away.

You are my romance, my passion, my fate.

You are my breath, my pulse, my every thought.

My heart and soul are yours; they always have been. I’d give them up a thousand times over for you and not regret it for a single, solitary moment.

You are my rage, my wrath, my ever lasting forgiveness.

You are my island in a sea of uncertainty, my peak above the clouds of despair, my sanctuary in a land of chaos.

You are every written word, my lyric, my ballad. You unravel cliché. You make the wrong right. You give life meaning.

You are open, understanding, unwavering.

You are my girlfriend, my babe, my wife, my soul mate, the literal love of my life.

And I am yours.

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