Budgie’s Journal #6 – Too Gay

I recently heard someone use the term “too gay” to describe something a homosexual character did on a TV show or movie. A couple of days later, I find myself writing dialogue for a gay character of mine. And I asked myself: Is he too gay?

I wouldn’t think so. All he’s doing is having a small moment with a guy he just met. The conversation is official business, but it gets flirty near the very end. That’s all. 

I don’t think that’s too gay at all.

But I was told to think about my audience. Granted, the project in which this character exists isn’t a gay themed novel. There are a few gay or bisexual themes here and there, but overall it’s an action comedy.

But why pretend that gay people don’t act “gay” because someone has an issue with it? Why should I closet characters? It doesn’t make sense. 

So why even have this inner dialogue? Why make note of sexuality just to make one suppress it? After all, aren’t my characters an extension of me? Is my inner dialogue a way of coming to terms with my own unknown phobias of homosexuality?

Or maybe I just think too much.

Anyway. It’s not too gay. Perhaps it’s not gay enough.

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