Envy by Budgie Bigelow

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook know what today is. It’s the release of my seventh book, Envy. It’s also my third book taking place around the fiction land of Cendrillon, although this is a stand-alone tale. I’m very proud of this release. It’s my first semi-erotic release since last year’s mermaid drama Mediterrania, and the first time I tried to strike a balance between sex, action, and violence.
The world of angels and demons fascinates me, even though I’m the one who created it. They have an eternal warring; but some angels can be evil, and some demons can be good. But what about those who just step a toe over that line? What about those who find themselves strangely attracted to the other? What about those who envy the other side?
That’s where the tale begins: the archangel Zarola feeling envy for the humans she was sworn to protect. Envy is a sin and a crime for her kind, but how can one help how they feel. Zarola soon finds herself in a world of lust, violence, betrayal, and romance as she starts down a path few angels travel.
But I don’t want to give away too much. Envy is now on sale on Amazon for Kindle or your Kindle App (which you can get for free on any tablet or smart phone). What follows is the description from Amazon to wet your whistle. The links are at the bottom. If you read through this whole post, I hope you click it.
Thank you for reading!
-Budgie Bigelow 4/4/17
Zarola is an archangel, a warrior of Heaven on a mission with her mentor, hunting along the faint trail of a demon in the wild. She is accused of being guilty of the sin of envy, and everything she knows topples soon after.
Alone, Zarola ventures deep into a world of uncertainty, meeting the demon she was sent to kill, Pozuda. The two begin a game of predator and prey, the violence quickly turning into lust. Zarola veers well of her intended course, staring into an unknown future with the demon she had been meant to slay.
Lies, betrayal, and falsified histories litter Zarola’s mind as she reaches further into the darkness with her demonic paramour. She cannot believe anything she once knew as she finds herself on the cusp of becoming a falling angel, leaving her kind and her duty behind to walk in the wake of lust and the twilight of forbidden love.
Envy is the seventh book by Budgie Bigelow, delving into a world of sex and violence, lust and wrath, love and betrayal. The line between angel and demon is blurred as good and evil are both convoluted in a tale of forsaken duty and forbidden kinship.


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