Valentines for Doomy 2

This Valentines Day, show your wife, boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, slam piece, side bitch, sugar daddy, and that black guy you let fuck your wife while you watch and cry in the corner that you care. Get Valentines for Doomy 2: a collection of short fiction by various miscreants.


In the second edition of the wildly popular collection, you’ll find stories, poems, and art from creative geniuses like Budgie Bigelow, Harbingerr, Rick, Mikey Blackheart, Jason Alan, Dan Civitella, BluntSharpness, Kiz, Cake, Poop Dragon, Tornado Chick, Eve Brigid, Matt Starr, Jim Watts, BG, Ryan Laughlin, and Vulgar Alan Poe.

Find out how best to use fertilize your garden and be an active member of your neighborhood. Read about a demon hunter named Jo Mace as she tries to save the world in the town call Doom, New Mexico. Visit a rural house with a deadly secret. See the manipulation by a dark entity. And much more!

Click here for Valentines for Doomy 2 on Amazon!

The original Valentines for Doomy is also available once again! This was only available for Kindle in 2014, but it’s back in all its glory.

Valentines for Doomy on

Valentines for Doomy on

Click for Valentines for Dooomy on Amazon!

You won’t find any of the stories in these collections anywhere else!!


All procedes from both of these books will go toward Ari, a little girl who lost her mother to cancer. We honor Joanna AKA Doomy AKA OptimisticDoom with this collection. We do it for Doomy, and you can too.

Valentines for Doomy 1 & 2. Now available.

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