Coming Soon: Valentines for Doomy 2

In 2014, a collection of short stories by various artists was put out by Budgie Bigelow publishing called “Valentines for Doomy”. Three years later, we’ve decided to do it again. A motley crew of writers and artists have come together again, creating a tome of short fiction, poetry, and art, dedicated to the memory of our beloved friend Joanna AKA Doomy. This Valentines Day, Valentines for Doomy 2 will be available for digital download via the Vagabond Saints web store. All proceeds will to to Jo’s daughter, Ari, going into her college account.
Writers Harbingerr, Jim Watts, Rick, Eve Brigid, Poopy D, Matt Starr, Kiz, Jason Alan, Cake, Vulgar Alan Poe, Mike Burdette, Dan “Vile” Civitella, and Budgie Bigelow put forth their best dark fiction in tribute of a woman who was a true inspiration.
It’s the greatest Valentines Day gift anyone can ask for.
Valentines for Doomy 2
Coming soon from Budgie Bigelow publishing and Vagabond Saints
You can pick up the first Valentines for Doomy here:

Valentines for Doomy

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