The 2017 Budgie Update

The 2017 Budgie Update
2016 is over, and a new year is finally upon us. A new year won’t just bring us new baby-boomer celebs to die, it’ll bring new possibilities. For me, it will bring more opportunities to write and put more of myself out there to my loyal readers, friends, and followers. 
I’ll take the remainder of this piece to give a brief outline of what I have planned for 2017 (in no particular order).
I accomplished what I set out to do last year, putting out four books via Budgie Bigelow Publishing (Draken: Son of Drog, Mediterrania, Freedom Lane da’ Movie, and Dusk vol 1). I also put out a few seasons of Freedom Lane, including booking up the whole summer. Right now, I’m still outlining in my head what I plan on putting out next year, but it’s due to be bigger.
I’ll jump around a bit here. Last fall, I released the first volume of Dusk, a collection of short fiction. I’m putting together volumes 2 and 3, possibly both for this coming year. I can’t speak on 3 much yet, but 2 is just about set. I just don’t know when I’ll have it completely put together. Volume 2 will be a mixture of new and rebooted stories, and Volume 3 will be mostly new material.
Speaking of short stories, I am going to continue my writer/editor relationship with Subcutaneous Magazine as long as they’ll have me. I was in the first two issues, and I’ve submitted a story called Ivy for their revenge issue (due out in the first quarter of 2017). This one is very dark and more sexual than what I normally put out there, but I love how it came out. Like my last story for SubQ (I Am The Swarm), Daniel Civitella will be doing some art for me.
Freedom Lane will obviously be back in 2017, starting with its tenth season in February. You’ll finally find out what happens during the aftermath of the fire at Paulie’s Pizza, and Tony’s fate will finally be revealed. Freedom Lane always seems to get better with each season, and this one is no exception. Season 10 is so huge, I’ve added an extra episode too! As I always do during these updates, I’ll post the episode listing for the coming season, giving you just a small tease of what’s to come.
Freedom Lane, Season 10:
The Sharpest Tool in the Sink
Nuts in the Attic
The Innocence of Snowman Youth
Double Daq Attack
The Plumbing Game
Chico Suave
The Meat Market
There will also be a mid-season special, but I am going to keep the title to myself for just now. This one will be a surprise. Season 11 will likely air in the spring. 
I don’t want to forget about my publishable items! I’m working on a few different projects right now. Aside from the aforementioned Dusk continuation, I have a novella in the editing stages called Envy, the tale of an angel, lost literally, sexually, and spiritually. This story takes place in the same world as Askharoth and Son of Drog, but you don’t have to have read either of those stories to jump into Envy. I’m shooting to have this out before March sometime.
I’m also halfway through my follow up to Desperately Seeking Shemale; a novel called The Secret of my Shemale Success. Like Envy, you don’t have to had read its forerunner to read it. It’s a stand-alone story with a new set of characters. Those of you who know the reference of the title already know that it has a corporate setting. Sometimes you need to go out of your comfort zone to write, and I had to go deep for this one, pun not intended.
I want to put out a reboot of a story I wrote a few years ago called Roland Hawthorne as a more expanded story called Steam Age. The framework is already built, in the form of that 12-chapter story. I’m going to tear it apart, take what I can, scrap whatever isn’t needed, add a bunch of new content, and repackage as a novel. I expect to have this done in the second half of the year if successful.
Lastly, I want to do a novella called “Blood Drive”. I haven’t done anything other than the outline, so I won’t give anything away yet. All I’ll say is that it falls under the ever popular “buddy vampire action-comedy road trip” genre, so it’s due to be good.
If you’ve come this far, then you’re likely a real Budgie fan or friend or both. There’s two things I am going request of you. The first involves my story I posted last week: Dumping Taylor Swift. This story did phenomenally well, and I’m trying to push this on Taylor Swift to read and/or react. Tweet it at her to @taylorswift13 and implore that she reads it. Maybe shoot it to her on whatever social media outlets she frequents too. I’ll be applying to get verified again, and I think I finally have everything twitter needs in order to finally give me my blue badge, so if anyone has a site and wants to mention how awesome I am, feel free.
Now ends my first post of this newest of years. This will be a big one. Stay tuned, Budgie fans.
-Budgie Bigelow



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