The Budgie Update: Pumpkin Spice Edition

The Autumn Budgie Update: Pumpkin Spice Edition
Welcome to Fall and another one of the updates that fans of mine love so much. Here’s where I get to talk about myself and all the things I’m working on for the near future, things I’ve recently accomplished, and life in general. Buckle in. It may not be a bumpy ride, but you don’t want to get pulled over with no seatbelt.
First on my list is Dusk, Volume 1. A few weeks ago, I finally put out my first collection of short stories. Volume 1 consists of sixteen stories and is up on Amazon for Kindle, making it my sixth self-published work. Yay me.
Dusk felt like a big accomplishment to me. I started this site with hopes to post a few short stories and some other stuff, and I accomplished that. I consider the stories in this book the first part of the journey I began along with Askharoth and Desperately Seeking Shemale, and I’m glad they all made it to the same level.
Next on my agenda is Freedom Lane. That’s right, Freedom Lane will be returning with its ninth season at the end of October, less than a month from now. This season will see the Masters family and their circle of friends facing new challenges as well as their normal day-to-day adventures.
We’ll see Da’Quarius taking on the mantle of perverted justice, Rose taking an interest in dance, Helen enjoying the perks of pet ownership, Paulie dealing with horrible news, Tony being dragged into a scandal, and the whole family dealing with an issue so big I dare not speak it here. The whole thing kicks off with the 2016 Election Special!
Hell, for shits and giggles, here’s the episode listing for Season 9:
Perverted Justice
Daq’s Leaf Service
RIP Paulie
Helen Jr. 
Tony Vs Tom: Dawn of Suspension
Gary Coleman Disease
I also have more stories coming soon. In October, I’ll be posting a story called The Demon Treaty, about a post-apocalypse town governed by a demon and the man who wants change to their harsh way of life. I’m also posting an episode of a sitcom I came up with called Impeached, following a disgraced president as he eases into life outside the White House. There’s a triple short story coming called the Disney Triple Feature, inspired by my recent vacation to Disney World.
I’m finishing off 2016 in a big way with a story I’ve already begun teasing called “Dumping Taylor Swift”. This stars Budgie Bigelow, the fictional version, and features Taylor Swift, without her consent of course. This is a going to be a big one. Tell your friends.
I want everyone who enjoys my posts to check out Subcutaneous Magazine too. I wrote two micro stories for their summer issue (less than 1500 words), and I’ve written a short story for their fall issue called “I am the Swarm”. The magazine features the work of Harbingerr too, and you will not be disappointed with what she’s written. Also, there will be an interview in there you’re going to want to read. Spoiler alert: I’m interviewed. Check it out!
One last thing before I finish this up. I have a huge announcement coming in December, probably around the twentieth. Some people already know what this is, but I’m keeping my mouth shut about it until then. If everything aligns how I want it, I should make some people very happy.
Until next time, goodbye forever (not really forever).


-Budgie Bigelow

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