Dusk, Volume 1

As day ends, dusk settles.
Join Budgie Bigelow, as he takes you into the sunset with sixteen tales. What awaits over the horizon? Do you dare glimpse at what’s there?
Dusk, Volume 1 is a culmination of over a year’s worth of writing. Budgie wrote these stories as they came to him. Some were inspired by true events, some were inspired by dreams, and some where inspired by friends. All stories in this collection contain a glimpse into the author’s mind.
You will be taken from the macabre to dark comedy, and back again. 
A man contemplates a deal with the devil to save his daughter. A city worker has a more than significant moment with a woman he has never met. A young girl finds that Neverland isn’t all fantasy. A roller derby jammer finds herself skating for her life. A boy tries to take justice into his own hands.
These stories and more are part of Budgie Bigelow’s first collection of short stories: Dusk, Volume 1.
Out now for Amazon Kindle of Kindle app!

Dusk, Volume 1 on Amazon.com

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