Freedom Lane da’ Movie Preview

Once a generation, a story is told that is too big to just be an episode of a sitcom in short story form. This is that story.

Young Da’Quarius is a streetwise orphan from a less-than-stellar New Haven neighborhood, but his life was turned around when he was adopted by Helen and Rose Masters, an elderly couple who had their adoption paperwork misplaced for twenty-five years. Da’Quarius is now part of the Masters family, enjoying his life with his new mothers and his pizzeria-owning Uncle Paulie.

Now, Da’Quarius will embark on his greatest adventure. After a bitter argument with the easily-agitated Helen, he finds himself standing face-to-face with his exact double; a European boy named Winchester Douglas III.

“Man,” Da’Quarius says, “dis racist as fuck.”

“Whatever do you mean?” Winchester asks in return.

Da’Quarius decides to swap places with his newly found doppelgänger, lounging in Winchester’s high end hotel while he, Winchester, lives Da’Quarius’s daily life to research life in New Haven for a role in a play. Win goes to school, eats his meals with Rose and Helen, and does everything a thirteen year old brought up in New Haven should do.

Meanwhile, Da’Quarius discovers that the life a royal life isn’t all he thought it would be.

“Let me go!” Da’Quarius shouts as two security guards drag him out of the hotel as an older man in a suit follows with a determined look on his face. “I’m not Winchester! I’m not your stupid young master! You cain’t take me back to yo’ country, bitch!”

“Whoa,” Tony, Da’Quarius’s Uncle’s friend says, standing at the counter of the hotel with a stack of pizzas in front of him. “I know that kid.”

“You know the Prince of Douglashire?” the woman at the counter asks.

“I’ve never seen Game of Thrones,” Tony replies. “We going upstairs or what?”

The woman stares daggers at Tony with her arms crossed.

“You’d look prettier if you smiled,” Tony says.

Can Da’Quarius’s family band together to save him with Winchester in the midst? What awaits Da’Quarius in the strange country of Douglashire? Will the Masters realize that Win isn’t actually Da’Quarius in time to save their true son?

Family bonds will be put to the test as everyone’s favorite New haven family faces the biggest challenge of their lives. Nothing can prepare them for what they’re about to face.

“This story is beyond far-fetched,” Paulie says to a lies-than-interested Tony, sitting in a booth of his pizzeria. “It’s not even slightly believable. What kind of stunad would even be into this twisted story at this point?!” He gets up, walking toward the bathroom with his newspaper tucked under his arm. “I’ll be right back. I gotta see a man about a horse or two.”

Longtime fans of Freedom Lane and new readers alike will enjoy this fast-paced, edgy, and in-your-face comedy romp. Fans of actions and drama are also in for a treat as the Da’Quarius, Helen, Rose, Paulie, Tony, Esmerelda Perez de la Hoya, Flounder, Manny and Antonio Garcia, Mr. Hessman, Harold and Lee Fuchs, and more burst from the mold of the sitcom in short story form, culminating in the movie in novella form.

From writer/director Budgie Bigelow and executive producer and creative genius BluntSharpness comes a tale both timeless and magnificent: Freedom Lane: da’ Movie.

“That’s the moral of the story anyway,” Helen says with a shrug. “At least I think it was. I forgot what I was talking about.”

Coming July 11th from Budgie Bigelow Publishing


Click here to read the original teaser

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