Rick’s Tale; an incredible true story by Budgie Bigelow

The following is based on a true story, or so Rick says anyway…

The year was nineteen eighty-three. Michael Jackson was on the top of the music charts, everyone piled into the movie theaters to see Return of the Jedi, Ronald Reagan was on his way to be Time Magazine’s man of the year, and a fourteen-year-old Rick was standing inside his step-sister’s bedroom, holding a Polaroid camera and hiding a throbbing erection under his sweatpants.

A miracle of unimaginable proportions happened in young Rick’s life not too long before he was standing in his step-sister’s room, waiting for her to come out of the shower. To understand this miracle, you first have to understand who Rick was. 

Rick was a chubby, Hawaiian teen. His body had just gone through more changes than the teachers and Saturday morning cartoons had warned. He had new hairs cropping up, a crackling voice, and a penis that just wouldn’t stop hardening up on him. During this time, his father got remarried.

Rick had a new family at thirteen. His father and step-mother moved in together, and that meant Rick had a new step-sister as well. Her name was Lisa, she was three years older than Rick, and she was everything from which soggy, newly-pubescent dreams were made. She had long, curly blonde hair like some of the women on MTV, and she was always wearing something tight.

Lisa’s insertion into Rick’s life was both a blessing and a curse to the budding young man.

Lisa began attending the same school as Rick, and the boys went crazy over her. She loved the instant popularity her good looks had earned her, and she loved to take Polaroids for all her new boyfriends. She had asked her little step-brother to take pictures of her in her bikini often. Rick was more than happy to help out.

Rick took the photos, taking his own mentally to masturbate to hour after hour in every private corner of his house. He lay in his bed at night, rubbing himself raw with a tee shirt on his stomach to catch his load. He beat his meat so much he’d go to school with a sore dick just about every morning. The more pictures Lisa needed; the more Rick wrestled his trouser snake into submission. It was a beautiful time in the young masturbator’s life.

It was at this time that Rick got the greatest idea he had ever produced from his twisted, youthful mind.

Aside from keeping a cache of Polaroids of herself in a bikini, Lisa also had a habit of running directly from the shower to her bedroom without so much as putting on a towel. Rick decided he was going to get a picture of his own, and he was going to get it during that sweet moment when Lisa would be making the short run from the bathroom to her bedroom, still wet from the steaming hot shower.

So Rick waited, grasping the camera with his sweaty hands. He licked his lips as he watched patiently. It was going to happen, and it was going to happen soon. He felt the contents of his stomach turn over as his nerves rattled his resolve, weakening it as every second passed. He almost panicked and fled, but he heard the bathroom door open and her footsteps padding on the floor. He aimed the camera to the almost-closed door, waiting for the right moment to hit that button, getting himself a picture he would always treasure. He only had one chance.

The door opened, and Lisa entered. Rick’s finger moved like lightning, taking the picture. The camera clicked and whirred as Lisa closed the door. The photo emerged as she froze in disbelief. Rick took the full-frontal picture from the camera as realization of what had just happened hit his bewildered step-sister. He shook it out of habit.

“You little shit,” Lisa said, starting daggers at her step-brother. “Give that to me.”

“No,” Rick said, letting the camera drop and holding the picture to his chest. It was his picture. He had earned it; taking the teasing Polaroids of Lisa in her bikini, just so she could give them away to the boys at school. Rick asked for nothing; but now he had something, and he didn’t plan on giving it back, not without a fight.

Lisa gave no other ultimatum or warning. She charged Rick, covering her breasts with her left arm as she grabbed for the photo with her right. Rick held it above his head as she tried to get it. She was taller than him, so it was only a matter of time before she got it. The picture developed as Rick was holding it above his head. She saw image and went into full attack mode.

Lisa grabbed and clawed at Rick, desperately trying to get the photo. Rick turned his back to her, clutching it to his chest. She draped herself over him, trying to pull his arms back to free the picture from his grip. They fell that way, Lisa punching and slapping Rick’s back as they landed with a thud that shook the floor.

Rick was forcefully rolled over with more power than he thought Lisa had, holding the picture to his chest, unwilling to give it up. Lisa climbed onto him, wrestling against him, trying to pry his arms loose so she could get the photo. She tried her hardest, but Rick refused to relinquish his grip.

Then something else happened.

Lisa wrested naked against Rick. Her wet hair brushed his face, her bare, teenage breasts were less than an inch from his body, and her pubis rubbed up against stiff boyhood. All that separated the two was Rick’s sweatpants and his Superman boxers.

Rick decided there was something better then having a Polaroid of his naked stepsister. He let his body rest as he clutched at the picture to his chest with all of his might. Lisa tried her best, but her strength wasn’t enough to pry the picture from the horny teen’s tenacious grip.

Rick watched Lisa’s soft breasts jiggle as she straddled his hips, pinning him to the floor. The moisture from her hot shower warmed his body, and the scent of her flowery soap filled his nostrils. She continued to unwittingly grind him as his body quivered. Rick convulsed once as he climaxed in his pants. He groaned in ecstasy as Lisa failed to free the picture from his hands, but succeeding in making her stepbrother ejaculate wildly.

It was Rick’s first in-pants ejaculation, and the first one he’d have he hadn’t administered with his own hand. Lisa had felt it, and she jumped off in horror, screaming her head off. Rick didn’t want anyone to hear and find her nude and screaming as he sat on her bedroom floor with a wet spot growing as his spunk oozed through the fabric of his sweatpants. He handed her the picture to shut her up. Once she stopped, he ran down the hallway into his room.

Rick closed the door behind him and slid to the ground against it. The once-warm semen was growing cold as it slid down his thighs. He finally broke his paralysis and stripped off his pants and boxers, tossing them into the hamper.

The two didn’t speak much for a while after the incident; and none of the passing conversations included any requests for bikini-clad Polaroids, but he knew she thought about it. Lisa knew what she had done and what it meant for young Rick.

Two years later, Rick was sixteen, Lisa was eighteen, and their parents were divorcing. Rick was bummed to be losing a family again, and he and Lisa still hadn’t talked about what had happened that day on her bedroom floor. There was always a weird vibe between the two, and Rick was transforming into an athletic lad before her eyes. She clearly had some kinky boundary issues, but she had never acted on them.

Well, almost never.

Lisa was packing her things on the Friday before Rick was to go to his mother’s for the weekend. He knew it was the last time he would see her, so he decided to be a good brother and say his goodbyes. “Hi,” Rick said, giving the door to Lisa’s room a small knock. “I have to go to my mother’s, but I wanted to say goodbye before I did. You were a great sister. It sucks you have to leave.”

“It is what it is,” Lisa said with a sigh, standing up from the cardboard box full of stuffed animals. Rick remembered what had happened two years earlier on that same spot on the floor and smiled.

“What?” Lisa asked. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” Rick said. “Just remembered something. I’m still a virgin, but you’re the first girl who’s ever made me cum.”

Rick was suddenly embarrassed that he had said it. It had slipped out. He realized he was fully erect, and there was no way she wouldn’t see it. Maybe it was the fact he knew this was goodbye that made him make such a brazen statement.

“You asshole!” Lisa exclaimed. She sounded outraged, but the look on her face told Rick otherwise. She had to have been flattered. “You have girlfriends. Are you telling me you haven’t screwed any of them?”

“I don’t know,” Rick said with a shrug. “Nothing’s happened yet.”

Lisa’s eyes went down, and he knew she was looking at his jutting erection. She walked to her door, closed it, and leaned her back into Rick, pressing her bottom into him. “You’re really going to miss me, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yes,” Rick said, his nerves turning his insides to jelly like he was fourteen again, waiting in this very same bedroom holding the Polaroid camera.

Lisa didn’t say any more. She turned toward Rick, looking in his eyes as she unbuttoned his 501 jeans. She let them fall to the floor as she followed them, coming to rest on her knees in front of him. She took him into her mouth, giving Rick the first blowjob of his life.

Thirty seconds into it, it was over. Rick couldn’t control himself, and his finished inside his stepsister’s generous mouth. She stood up after she swallowed. “Next time warn a girl before you shoot,” she said.

“Sorry,” Rick said, embarrassed.

Lisa gave him a sisterly peck on the lips. “Isn’t your mom outside to pick you up?” she asked.

Rick pulled his pants up and buttoned them in a daze. He walked out to his mom’s car in the same daze, unspeaking. He didn’t talk to his mother for the entire ride, and he couldn’t think about anything else for the entire weekend either. When he returned home that Sunday, her room was empty, save two memories he would cherish.

Rick lay in bed with a dirty teeshirt across his stomach as he thought about Lisa and everything he knew they would have done if their parents hadn’t divorced. He felt something as he put his hand near his pillow. He pulled our a crumpled, mostly-ruined photograph. It was the Polaroid picture he had taken of Lisa two years earlier, bare naked, coming into her room from fresh from the shower, a look of surprise on her face.

He never heard from her again.

The End


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