The Summer of Freedom Lane

You are just a few weeks away from the start of what will come to be known as the Summer of Freedom Lane. There will be more Freedom Lane than ever before! Da’Quarius, Helen, Rose, Paulie, Tony, and the rest of the gang will all be returning for their eighth season. Freedom Lane da’ Movie will premiere on July 11th; and by “premiere”, I mean it will be available on Amazon for Kindle, and by “movie”, I mean novella. There’s even something for you to do.

…but I’ll get to that.

Let me start with a rundown on what to expect in season 8. (Premiering July 12). Psychics, birthdays, speed dating, brawling, pizza delivery porn, sex education, sequels, flashbacks, flash-forwards, back injuries, proposals, hunting expeditions, CPR, and unauthorized celebrity appearances. We also have two specials. The first is a version of the show if it originated in England called Freedom Lane UK. Thanks go to Carly (that British chick from Twitter) for checking and rechecking my British slang. The second special is called “Summer’s End” due to air at the end of summer. This is our most packed season of Freedom Lane ever!

Here’s the episode / special list (beginning July 5th):


Freedom Lane da’ Movie preview
Decent Proposal
Elderly Fight Club
Da’Quarius Gets Whacked
Special: Freedom Lane UK
Hands Only
Everything Changes 
Special: Summer’s End

Click here for seasons 1-7

Freedom Lane da’ Movie will drop the same week of the season 8 premiere. The movie will take place between seasons 7 and 8 though (for those of you keeping score at home). It focuses on Da’Quarius after he gets into a huge fight with Helen during family dinner. Soon after, he runs into his rich doppelgänger and the two concoct a scheme where… Whoa! I don’t want to give away too much just yet. Wait until the full preview on July 5th for all the details.

And now for the part of my #SummerOfFreedomLane post where I ask you, the viewer, to step up and do a solid for your internet acquaintance who writes such compelling sitcoms in short story form.

I won’t get into too much detail here, but something is on the verge of happening. I can’t say what that something is, but I’m pushing my hardest to get that something somewhere. No longer can I sit idly and wait for things to happen. Something will happen, and I will make it happen.

But I need help with my push.

So I’m asking you to help get the word of Freedom Lane out there. A lot of my fans already do this, and I feel bad asking for more. This won’t turn into a crowd-funding campaign asking for money to make this. Word of mouth is what I need right now, and that doesn’t cost a thing except for a small bit of your time.

So share, retweet, post, link, and tell everyone you can what Freedom Lane is and ask them to check it out. I’ll DM links, entire episodes, pictures, etcetera. This thing can go viral, but I can’t do it alone. Be part of something big. Be able to look back at this accomplishment and know you helped make it happen. Tell your friends that you knew Budgie Bigelow back before Freedom Lane, and that you helped him when he needed it. Make Freedom Lane’s success your success.

I started writing this for Blunt and myself. I was soon writing it for a small group of people who genuinely enjoyed the show. The group grew, and Freedom Lane continues to be the most popular material on my site. Freedom Lane’s fans are nothing but phenomenal, and I appreciate each and every one who returns to keep up with Da’Quarius and the others. The writing has come leaps and bounds since season one first premiered two years ago. The characters have developed into their own. The world encompassed in Freedom Lane is continues to grows with more characters, stories, and conflicts.

And it has been noticed.

We are on the edge of something huge. I’ve hinted at it for the better part of the last year. Opportunities have come and gone; but they keep coming, and that’s what I’ve been focusing on. Every missed opportunity teaches me more, and I’ve gotten help to put together something to attract the right kind of attention like never before. I’ve literally put everything I’ve built with my writing on the line this time, because there is nothing to gain if nothing is risked.

So I’ll be asking for some help to make this move farther than it ever has before. I’ll ask in private. I’ll ask on the feeds. I’ll be taking in nothing but positivity and blocking out the negative. What I am writing now is truly from the heart. I’ve visualized it. I’ve seen it happen in the forefront of my mind. It will happen, and you can help.

All I’m asking for is a little help with the push.


Thank you.

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