Freedom Lane the Movie – Teaser

Once a generation, a story is told that is too big to be just an episode of a sitcom in short story form. Some tales are too epic to simply be a mid-season special. This is that story.

“Know what isn’t funny?” Helen asks, sitting around the dining room table with her family. “Getting kicked in the pussy by a cow, but Bessie nailed me right in the fuzz-biscuit when I tried to milk her when I was just a teenager, busting my hymen for good.”

“Da’ fuck is dat s’pose to mean?!” her adopted son, Da’Quarius, asks.

“It’s the new meds,” Rose says. “She doesn’t even know what she’s saying.”

“Yes I do!” Helen exclaims.

A family on street called Freedom Lane in New Haven, Connecticut will embark on their biggest adventure to date.

“Break yo’self,” Da’Quarius whispers, squeezing the trigger of a 9mm.

A cast of literally tens of characters will come together to tell a tale so captivating; it cannot be expressed by a mere teaser months before it’s actual release.

“We don’t got swiss,” Tony said, shrugging as a bewildered robust woman stands in front of of him at the counter of Paulie’s Pizza. “I’ll put some provolone on there if you want, but you’ll have to go to England if you want swiss.”

Family bonds will be put to the test as everyone’s favorite New Haven family faces the biggest challenge of their lives. Nothing could prepare them for what they are about to face.

“This friggin’ story is beyond far-fetched,” Paulie says to a less-than-interested Tony, sitting at a booth in his Pizzeria. ‘It’s not even slightly believable. What kind of stunad would even be into this twisted story at this point?!” He gets up, walking toward the bathroom with the newspaper tucked under his arm. “I gotta see a man about a horse or two.”

From the minds of Budgie Bigelow, author of Askharoth, Desperately Seeking Shemale, and Draken, Son of Drog and executive producer and creative genius BluntSharpness comes a story both timeless and magnificent.

Da’Quarius helps a young man from the sidewalk. He checks his minor injuries and dusts himself off. Da’Quarius looks him over, realizing this boy is his mirror image, and nothing will ever be the same again. “Dis racist as fuck,” he says.

“Whatever do you mean?” the boy, identical to Da’Quarius, asks in return.


Freedom Lane da’ Movie


Coming July 11, 2016

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