Draken, Son of Drog: Prelude / Preview

Draken, Son of Drog is now available. Here’s a special prelude (that doesn’t appear in the book) along with the preview which will accompany the book on Amazon.

Draken, Son of Drog on Amazon.


Draken moved slowly as he stalked his prey, his bare stomach and chest barely an inch from the ground. He let the sounds of the forest fill his ears as he crawled. The smell of the earth filled his nostrils as well. He felt a tickle of grass or leaves against his torso as he moved, not making a sound. He stopped when the sounds ahead of him intensified. He could afford making more noise; the men he hunted were raging against their own prey.

He was once called “The Son of Drog” in another life. Now they simply call him “Unnamed”. His true name was hidden from all save his mother: the witch known as Lady Eve. His father was the high demon, Drog, and Drog’s demon-blood flowed through his son’s veins. Both of Draken’s parents were gone from this Earth now, but their memories remained, assisting Draken whenever he remembered their teachings.
Draken could almost hear his father’s voice, whispering for him to kill the three men who were torturing a lone warrior from the village of Tsu-Ket. His mother would have him think his way though, doing as little harm as possible, but she had always been gentle in a world full of pain and death. He had other teaches growing up, but when it came to dealing with men such as these, Draken trusted in the voice of his father.
Draken had no allegiance to the northern village Tsu-Ket. He was from the other side of the mountains separating Cendrillon from the cold, hard north, but they had helped him nonetheless. Their enemies were not his enemies, but he refused to allow the torture of these people.
Draken moved, using the superior speed granted to him from his father’s demon blood to cover to distance in seconds, using the aura of the earth under his bare feet to guide him. He had three targets, but he would have been able to take more of them if he needed to. He carried no weapon for the sake of hunting silently, but he did not need one.
There as a rush of air against Draken’s face as he leapt from the brush. He chopped at a warrior’s throat, feeling the tendons snap. He swung his arms as he turned his body, twisting the neck of the man next to him. There was one left, and Draken slammed his fist into his chest, cracking his ribs as he pulverized his heart.
A chain was around Draken’s neck, and he cursed himself for his stupidity. The one posing as the victim as the true enemy. He smelt the air, and he knew there was only one. What he thought were warriors were actually puppets. They were well constructed too. Draken’s senses were heightened, and he had not known it was a trap until he was snared. He was going to have to use the knowledge he learned from his mother and her coven to save himself.
“You have me,” Draken said, keeping his voice calm. He did not feel the cold steel of a blade in his back, and the chains around his neck were taught but not enough to strangle him. Whoever had set the trap wanted to talk before they made any kind of kill.
“You are fast, young one,” a female’s voice said from behind him. He could sense the sly smile behind it. “No mere human could step so fast, but you appear as one of them. Are you the offspring of a demon?”
Draken’s blood grew cold. The voice could either belong to a demoness or a witch – no human would be able to set up such an elaborate trap or know to ask about his bloodline. Those of half-blood were looked down upon by demons, but they were respected by witches – if only in secret. He was going to have to speak very carefully.
“I cannot see you,” Draken said, “but I have to guess you are a brilliant demoness or a powerful witch. No other could have set such a clever trap. I am not one to be tricked easily.”
There was a laugh. “You use flattery to your advantage,” the floating voice said. “You are trying to deduce what I am. I will tell you. I am a demoness, and my name is Lori. Will you tell me your name?”
Draken knew this game well. He had never given his true name to any living person. The only one who knew was his mother, and she was gone from this plane. He was given a false name from the demoness, so he thought it would be fair to give one of his own.
“They call me Unnamed in this part of the world,” Draken said. His true name would give the demoness power over him if she knew it, and he may end up killed if he told her he was known as “Son of Drog” south of the mountains.
“You are a wily one,” Lori said, running a scaly hand across Draken’s shoulders. “You think I do not know what ‘unnamed’ means in the tongue of Cendrillon, half-human.”
The chains loosened, daring Draken to try and strike out against the one who had intentionally loosened them. Killing a demon was a crime for one of half-blood. Even if he won the fight, he would be hunted until he was killed for his crime.
Beside, he did not believe Lori loosened the chains thinking he could best her. She was waiting for him to move.
Instead of attacking, Draken slipped out the chains slowly, letting them fall to the ground. “Thank you for letting me free,” he said.
“You are not yet free, Unnamed,” Lori said. “I know you understand that I wanted to see if you would attack. I could feel you tense as the chains started to falter. You are one who has been tortured or hunted. Do I have that right?”
“Yes,” Draken said, knowing it was wise not to directly lie. “I have been both tortured and hunted.”
“But you kill well too,” Lori said, circling Draken. He could hear her feet padding against the soft earth. “Am I to assume you are a killer of men as well?”
“I am when I need to be,” Draken replied. “I have answered your questions. Will you at least tell me why you set this trap to lure me here?”
“There is little excitement in the north,” Lori said, “aside from its imminent destruction. I await to see how the destructor fares, but I grow tired of his slow trek through this land. I sensed you from afar, and I wanted to see if you were as delicious as you felt.”
“So you plan on eating me?” Draken asked.
“No,” Lori replied, playful glee in her words. “I wish to birth a child unto this Earth, but I wanted one sired by a strong human, and the wars of the north will surely send men to seek blood and glory. I know it is an odd thing to want, but I want a child who can pass as human without the use of magick and boast great skills. One like you perhaps.”
“You thought I was a strong human until I showed you my true speed,” Draken said, realizing what had happened.
“Yes,” Lori said, “but I will not lie with a half-blood. I wish to save my womb for only the strongest human.”
“I am sorry I cannot help,” Draken said, secretly relieved by Lori’s hidden disgust for his kind despite her want to birth one. “What does this mean for me?”
“You mean to ask whether or not I will let you live?” Lori asked.
“I hoped my admiration and our verbal sparring was enough,” Draken said.
“So be it,” Lori said. “You are lucky I considered you for mating before I knew your true lineage, unnamed son of a demon.”
“I wish you luck in your search,” Draken said with a bow.
“I have some small skill as a seer,” Lori said, prolonging the conversation. “Will you hear some of my council before we part ways?”
“I will,” Draken replied, knowing it would be foolish to turn her down.
“Your fate is conflicted,” Lori said. “The people you no walk among see you as a savior, but it is in your blood to desert them. I wonder what you will do.”
“I wonder as well,” Draken said, unwilling to comment on his conflicted will.
“Farewell, Unnamed,” Lori said. “You will need your wits about you if you do not wish to fall for any more traps.”
Draken heard her feet land on a tree branch as she leapt into the trees and off into the night. He turned, walking in the direction of the small village of Tsu-Ket.

Draken, Son of Drog

Draken, Son of Drog, was born in secret to a demon father and a witch mother. He’s faced many challenges and hardships as a result of the demon blood running through his veins, but none so great as being hurled from a cliff to his death for his failure at a simple task. This is where his true tribulations begin.
Draken escapes the torture and torment of Hell, only to be unwittingly enlisted as the prophesized savior of a land he had never before traveled. He must decide whether to deny the destiny foretold so many moons ago or risk his life against a most powerful and dangerous enemy who threatens an end to the world as they know it.
Draken focuses on his own memories to help him decide on the right paths to take now that an entire race of people have put their faith in the faithless half-demon wanderer. Can the events of Draken’s past help him save the people of Tsu-Ket, or are they as doomed as they were before?
“Draken, Son of Drog” is the follow-up to Budgie Bigelow’s first book: “Askharoth”, taking the character known only as “The Son of Drog” and giving him his own adventure and backstory. Askharoth need not be read to pick up this book, but the influence is seen throughout. This is Bigelow’s third self-published book, and his first since autumn of 2014.

Draken, Son of Drog on Amazon.


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