Don’t forget about Doomy!


Valentines for Doomy on Amazon.com

Valentines for Doomy on Amazon.com

Valentines for Doomy on Amazon

Look. There’s less than one week left to pick up Valentines for Doomy and help us raise money for a wonderful woman who has gone through hell while battling breast cancer with a smile on her face and a middle finger in the air. The book is only $4.99, and contains many many many stories from people who took the time to write these for our friend, Joanna. Here’s the description from Amazon:



Valentines for Doomy is a collection of short fiction by various writers and artists in order to raise some money for our good friend, Joanna AKA Doomy. This collection is a labor of love for the many people who wanted to contribute a short story or artwork. Inside you’ll find dark fiction, haiku, comedy, erotica, and much much more. This book is only available this month, so don’t put off picking it up! Help Doomy make her Tour of Doom across the USA!

Writers include Budgie Bigelow, Harbingerr, Poopy D., Missy Slaughter, Kiz, Cruz Caudillo, Eve Brigid, Dark Scribe, D. Civitella, Sean Vital, Mike Burdette, and Haiku breaks by Vulgar Alan Poe. Artwork by Ryan Laughlin.

Cover by Jim Watts of Vagabond Saints Tattoo Lounge. 

Intro by Rick



This originally sold last year in March, but it’s back to help raise money for Doomy’s daughter’s college fund, but only until January 31st. So get on it. Don’t be a lazy bastard and let this pass by you a second time. Do something good with yourself. You can help a great cause and have a nice ebook on your kindle device. It’s better than sending pictures of your dick to random women on Twitter all night as usual. You know who you are!

And don’t forget about my story “Let’s Butt-Rape an Alien”. It’s about three friends who are abducted and anal probed, so they swear vengeance upon the aliens, doing everything in their limited power to catch and rape one. Valentines For Doomy is the only place you’ll get this story EVER. I won’t post it on this site, and I will never publish it in another ebook. DON’T MISS OUT! IT’S A GOOD FUCKIN STORY!!

So pick up the book. The stories are good. The art is good. This tome as a whole is great! I don’t know what else to say other than DO IT FOR DOOMY, MOTHER FUCKER!

And while you’re at it, pick up a VSTL #DoItForDoomy shirt. They’re stylish and also raise money for Doomy’s kid. They’re only available until the end of the month too!!

The #doitfordoomy shirt from Vagabond Saints

Fuck cancer! Budgie out.

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